Hey. Hi. Hello.

I’m Emma, and this is my little lock down project I hope you enjoy.

The girl with grief is a platform for me to share my story, experience and feelings when living with grief. I want to be able to help others that have been through the loss of a loved one and allow them to be able to talk about their emotions openly and not struggle alone. On this site, you’ll find my story, what grief has taught me and some very personal posts.

I have thought about starting this blog for a while because throughout my teens I have wrote notes on my phone getting all my emotions out and then deleting them once I felt better, writing emails to Uni councillors and never sending them, a constant battle of feeling ok one day and so down the next with nothing to turn to. Until I came across ‘The Grief Gang’ Podcast by Amber Jeffrey, this really hit me deep and inspired me to share my experience.

So please take a read through my posts and I hope you can take something away from this while smiling at the memory of your loss. Together we make grief a less awkward subject to talk about.

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